Contact HB88 – Bookmaker’s Customer Care Service

Contact Hb88 methods are always interesting and learned by many players. If you encounter any problems, please contact the consultant team to receive support. Please follow the following article for more contact methods for bookmaker HB 88. 

In cases where it is necessary to proceed, contact Hb88

contact hb88

In many situations, players need to contact Hb88 for assistance in resolving the issue. If you encounter one of the following situations, please connect to the dealer for advice and handling. Specifically: 

  • During the betting process, there may be confusion about payouts or wrong bets.
  • Encountering questions related to logging in, registering an account, or performing deposit/withdrawal transactions.  
  • Complain about cases of fraud during the betting process at the house. 
  • Contact the bookmaker to register to receive attractive offers and promotions.

Evaluate service quality when contacting Hb88. 

Most players who visit Hb88 bookmakers highly appreciate the quality of customer service. Those are also outstanding advantages that help the house attract more players to register to participate. 

  • Customer care service at Hb88 is always active and works 24/7. Therefore, all players’ questions are answered quickly and accurately. 
  • There is a variety of Hb88 contact channels, so you can easily connect with the dealer quickly in emergencies.
  • The dealer’s response speed to all inquiries is quite fast. It only takes a few seconds for the player to receive the answer.
  • The team of consultants at the house consists of people with expertise, knowledge, and experience. In particular, they are always ready to operate at any time in consulting and assisting in answering any questions that players have. 
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Top 5 fastest and most effective ways to contact Hb88


Ways to contact Hb88

Currently, the house offers many forms of contact to assist players with any questions. Therefore, depending on your needs, you should choose the most suitable and convenient method.  

Contact via live chat channel

For this method, the house has integrated an online chat tool right in the main interface of the website. Therefore, you will easily contact the consultant through this tool.

Accordingly, you just need to log in to your house account and select the support section. At that time, an interface will appear for players to ask the consultant questions. This is considered a communication channel chosen by a large number of players because of its fast response speed, simplicity, and free of charge. 

Use the dealer’s hotline.

The hotline is the Hb88 contact channel, which calls directly to the house’s switchboard. This is a method of connecting to the system with a fairly fast response speed, but your call will be charged. Therefore, players need to consider and carefully consider to choose a star that suits their needs and financial resources.

Contact via email

Players will easily be able to ask many questions at the same time, but the response speed is not fast because the consultant team will answer many detailed and methodical questions at once before sending the answers. If it is not an urgent problem, you can choose email to send questions to the system. 

Contact via Telegram 

Telegram are social network accounts with online chat features between many users. Therefore, if you have social network accounts, you can contact them via chat for completely free support and advice.

Through the house agent

The agent is an intermediary between the house and the player. The mission of these units is to support and answer all questions that bettors are having. If other communication channels are overloaded, choose this method.  

Some notes when contacting Hb88 

contact-hb88 -516556.jpg

To ensure this process goes smoothly and meets your needs, you need to pay attention to a number of issues. As follows:

  • Please choose the most suitable contact form for Hb88 to quickly resolve all concerns or questions. 
  • Be careful to use polite language when communicating with consultants. If any violation occurs, the system will refuse service.
  • If you don’t see a response to the email, go to spam and search again. 
  • If you encounter an overload situation, please wait a few minutes for the dealer to assist. 


Above is a summary of the most popular ways to contact Hb88 today. The house guarantees that the players will have many interesting and wonderful experiences. Therefore, if you encounter any problems, please connect with the staff for support and resolution.