Hb88 fish shooting – Winning experience from experts.

Fish shooting HB88 is the ideal place to stop for those who “Hunt” in the middle of the ocean. It’s a pity if players have never participated in this 1-0-2 game genre. Promising to bring many emotions and the possibility of winning a considerable amount of money, follow the following article to know more about the fish shooting game with prizes at Hb88!

Hb88 fish shooting

What is the correct understanding of the Hb88 fish shooting game?

HB88 fish shooting game has been known since 2015; during this time, the betting market had a big wave; since then, a series of bookmakers have launched this type of game.

Although there are many bookmakers claiming to be reputable, most of them fall into traps or are not chosen by many people to continue playing, the main reason being that these bookmakers have too many graphics. Most of these are considered cheating by players, so many bookmakers leave them.

Currently, bookmakers are considered reputable, not to mention Hb88, a reputable online fish shooting website that opened in the early days and is still maintained well now; the main reason is that Hb88 has graphics. Super smooth. It also offers super attractive promotions; above all, it is always the reputation of Hb88.

The HB88 fish shooting game strategy always wins big.

Although the Hb88 fish shooting game has relatively easy-to-understand and play rules, to earn the most, hunt more fish. Then, it would be best to equip yourself with unique and effective fish-shooting strategies and tricks.

Play an ice-pinball game.

Shooting marbles is a way to “hack the game” when you want to hunt for the easiest fish shooting game. With this way of playing, you don’t attack directly. Just shoot at the wall to bounce and kill the fish.

Players must combine with high-speed live bullets. Let the speed of the two balls hit the fish with the strongest destructive force. However, this way of playing consumes a lot of your ammo. But the effect of killing fish is quite fast, so players can refer to it further.

Hb88 single fish shooting strategy

This way of playing Hb88 requires you to know how to choose the correct balls for each shot. Therefore, you need to watch out for lone fish straying from the table. Or the player can shoot into the corner to make the ball bounce. This will cause the balls to accidentally hit other fish.

Although the reward level for this game is very low compared to that of boss fish, in the long run, players will see the difference. Shooting small fish helps you earn more money but spend less. Small fish don’t swim fast, so anyone can become a sniper. If you shoot 3-5 times, the fish will still not be destroyed. The player must then stop and look to move on to another target.

Steps to make Hb88 fish shooting always win big

The way you participate in the game is very simple and not too complicated. Accordingly, players only need to create a member account and deposit money into the account. At the same time, you also need to clearly understand the rules of the game to bring yourself big wins.

Basic rules of shooting fish for prizes at Hb88 Bookmaker

The goal of this fish shooting game is to kill as many fish as possible. If you destroy special types of fish such as laser fish, full-screen bombs, Rage fish… you will receive special skills. You should actively collect bullet shells to get more bullets, coins, or guns without having to spend more money. After understanding the rules of the game, understanding the effects of each weapon in the game is also an important factor in winning easily.

  • Barrel: Can be used with seven levels from top to bottom.
  • Explosive Bomb: If hit, this weapon can destroy all types of fish in the hit area.
  • Poison: Can poison many fish at once, making them stand still and helping the player increase their chance of hitting.
  • Radiation: Drops radiation that increases the chance of hitting and doubles the bonus if the target is killed.
  • Set a shark trap: just drop the trap and wait for the shark to attack; the time to use this weapon each time is 30 seconds.

Steps to play the Hb88 fish shooting game to always win:

Once you have a clear understanding of the rules of fish shooting at the Hb88 bookmaker detailed above. Now, you just need to follow the steps below to play fish shooting and get more trophies for yourself:

  • Step 1: First, when you have your own account. Visit the official website of the Hb88 game portal.
  • Step 2: On the main interface of the home page, players click on “Fish Shooting” and the appropriate lobby.
  • Step 3: Next, you choose the bet level and then choose weapons and bullets.
  • Step 4: Choose additional tools when playing Hb88, such as sound waves, lasers, bombs, torpedoes, and lightning
  • Step 5: Get rewarded when you kill a lot of fish to get coins. Coins will be added directly and instantly to your wallet.


With the basic points above, we have introduced you to what the Hb88 fish shooting game is like. In particular, with simple and easy playing methods that bring big wins. Join Hb88 to get the best strategy and valuable rewards.

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